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Corporate Rates together with Nationwide Service

We offer local services in over 20 cities nationwide including;

Top Languages we service:





The Power of Language®

When you need your message to be full and complete, we're the company you can trust.

We earn that trust it all starts with the best interpreters. When you hire Lexicon-Global you’re hiring the highest-skilled professional conference interpreters - AIIC-Class interpreters. The AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters - France) is the most prestigious professional conference interpreter governing global association. The AIIC is responsible for creating and establishing global standards for conference interpretation for the past 60 years.

Interpretation Equipment

Providing service that you can count on for all your meetings is what we do. We have one of the largest inventories in North America with equipment also in Asia and Europe.

Professional interpretation equipment including: Interpreter Booths, RF & IR Systems, Discussion Microphones, Wireless Microphones, and more . . .


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Any size, Anywhere

Whether your event has 10 attendees or 10,000, Lexicon-Global is your best choice for top-quality interpretation services and equipment. Effective rapid deploy solutions are available wherever your meetings take you.


Nationwide Coverage

With reliable local offices in over 20 cities nationwide you are assured the consistency to make all of your events consistently powerful. You can depend on the same quality service whether you're in New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Waikiki or Salt Lake City. We provide all the consistency and reliability your events deserve. (learn more about our Global coverage here)




Corporate Programs

When time is valuable you want dependability and effectiveness. Use our Corporate Programs to streamline the production process and manage all of your language interpretation and document translation needs so you can concentrate on the rest of your event.

Our Teams Make All the Difference

Our Project Managers, Producers and technical teams produce interpretation events of all sizes and are committed to working closely with you and your team to ensure your events are as powerful and impactful as they can be.


Security & Confidentiality

We offer security and privacy. All our interpreters are under confidentiality agreements and work under a very strong professional code of ethics. Your business information remains safe with us.

It's time to put us to work . . . call us today 1.800.792.5020

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